Twelve things you never knew about Steve:

  1. 1.He’s won over 150 awards at major festivals worldwide.

  2. 2.He’s been asked to judge at many awards shows, from D&AD to the One Club in the USA.

  3. 3.Steve still can’t play guitar.

  4. 4.He once appeared on Children in Need dressed as a sailor.

  5. 5.In 1996 he was Head of Digital at Lowes (yes the internet did exist back then).

  6. 6.He created the first Tesco website and possibly the first integrated campaign for Vauxhall & Euro96. The Guardian supplied our content (before content even existed).

  7. 7.He’s had his work exhibited at The Barbican, The V&A, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  8. 8.He won the Stella Artois Global and Diesel accounts at Lowe. The British Library, ghd, Home Office and Prudential at RKCR. And Kettle Chips at Joint London.

  9. 9.Steve’s main loves are his wife Jane, his children and his 1965 VW Campervan. But not always in that order.

  10. 10.He has worked as Creative Director on ghd, Stella Artois, Diesel, Lloyds Bank, Bank Of Scotland and Virgin Atlantic.

  11. 11. Alberto Korda won back the rights to his iconic photograph of Che Guevara after we used it in a Smirnoff ad and he sued.

  12. 12. He’s incredibly proud that the Amazon Priest and Imam ad was the most effective Christmas ad in the industry last year. (see here)