Beautifully directed by Simon Ratigan at HLA, effortlessly edited by Bruce Townend at The Quarry.

And it would never have been made without the whole team at Joint, Claudio Gorini, Josh Harris, Safeena Dhalla, Toni Barker, John Degraft Johnson, Tom Arnold and of course Damon Collins, Lori Meakin, Richard Exon and Simon Morris at Amazon.

Launched during interfaith week in the UK just before Christmas, it went viral across the world, running on TV and Cinema in the UK, USA, Germany, Austria and Canada. Trending in Pakistan and India. Talked about on CNN and all the major Newspapers around the world.

But best of all is seeing the public’s reaction to it.

A global poster campaign.That was designed to be a global social media campaign.The biggest poster sites in the world became an instagram backdrop for people to send messages of love and peace to their friends and families around the planet.This is a small selection of what is possibly the most shared poster campaign ever.

Here’s the latest work for Amazon, Connections and Bedtime Story. Connections was all over the USA and UK before Christmas and will be showing across the rest of Europe this year. Bedtime Story has been playing in the USA and is being launched across the UK and Europe right now. Both were beautifully directed by Jake Scott at RSA, Connections is based on my something my daughter said to me  when I asked her to turn her Grime music down. “I play your songs when I miss you”. A simple truth that many people have echoed on Social media when commenting on the ad.

Bedtime Story was written by myself, Algy Sharman, Ciara O’Meara and Tam Kerr in the sort of writers room you will only experience at Joint London. An amazing team effort.