Concepts, Demos & WIPS


We were asked recently how our ads - like the Lloyds Bank campaign start out, so we thought it might be interesting to post a little archive of concepts, demos and ‘work-in-progress’ films. So if you want to see where it began, often before directors and photographers get involved and how the final work changes (or not) have a look below.

Lloyds Bank started as a story campaign. We dug through case studies about businesses and customers and wrote scripts based on these as a starting point. Lloyds wanted a campaign that was quiet, thoughtful, from the customers point of view rather than the bank. They were still very unpopular with the public after all. They also wanted something that had a ‘look and feel’ - a new distinctive world they could inhabit now they’d split from TSB. After writing the scripts we set about making some demos of our own to see if it would work. The first one never ran, the second for mortgages was the launch commercial.

The final ads can be found here.