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We left RKCR and started freelancing straight away with the wonderful people at Joint.

We’ve pitched for and won Kettle Chips and Metcalfe’s Popcorn with them and ads for TSB and UKTV will get posted soon, but in the meantime here’s a festive ad for Amazon Prime that went viral across the world. It’s running on TV and Cinema in the UK, USA, Germany, Austria and Canada. Trending in Pakistan and India. Talked about on CNN and all the major Newspapers around the world.

But best of all is seeing the public’s reaction to it as it became the most liked ad in the USA along with the Star Wars ad.


Beautifully directed by Simon Ratigan at HLA, effortlessly edited by Bruce Townend at The Quarry.

And it would never have been made without the whole team at Joint, Claudio Gorini, Josh Harris, Safeena Dhalla, Toni Barker, John Degraft Johnson, Tom Arnold and of course Damon Collins, Lori Meakin, Richard Exon and Simon Morris at Amazon.

Have a look at the case study film below too.

Defender. The Old Master. This is a campaign we wrote to celebrate the last year of the Land Rover Defender. Unfortunately Land Rover now do all there advertising in house, so they never made it out into the world...well, until now.

Two Golds at the Clio Awards in N.Y for our Range Rover Sport commercial and another Gold at the British Arrows! Thank you Judges! Johnny Green, Glassworks, The Mill and Work for editing.  Scroll down to watch it.



Just in time for Christmas we produced this ad for our Fire Safety client.

Shot in real time, we showed how little time it takes to turn a Christmas tree that hasn’t be watered for a day or two into an inferno.

This one was set off by an electrical fault - no accelerants or extra inflammable materials were used when it was filmed

by the Building and Fire Research Lab.

With all the ambient, record label, pop promo, product placement type stuff we’d been doing, we thought there might be room for a good old fashioned press ad.

This one is running globally for Land Rover Defender, with the line ‘The best tool for the job’.

And it just goes to prove you can still do good global work that’s been bought and paid for by a big client, without resorting to scam.

Our single release has been remixed by dance legends

eRNEST & AMz. It’s free to download here.

And there’s also a remix we did while we were editing the commercial, have a listen below.

Oh and view the record label’s alternative promo

on youtube here.

Definitely one for the boys.

Our Katy Perry, Sleeping Beauty campaign (shot by David LaChapelle) broke last month to an unbelievable amount of press. Double page spreads in The Mirror and Sun, articles in The Independent and Vogue

you name it they wrote about it. And if Twitter is anything to go by the fans are begging

and stealing the posters from salons.

Our Fire Safety ad has won at BTAA. Woohoo. Scroll down to see it

Fairy Tales of New York:

More Katy Perry and David LaChapelle. This time a Snow White inspired shoot, (and a third shot as The Little Mermaid) took the newspapers and and twitter by storm. Front covers and spreads galore, and David being voted Photographer of the year in Campaign Magazine for these shots. Fantastic.

For some behind the scenes pictures have a scroll through our blog here

A new global poster for Virgin Atlantic advertising London in 2012.

Photography was by the amazing Tim Bret-Day and the collage by David Bray. It looks superb huge!

Click the poster for a closer look.

Dropping on the tables of Art Directors and Creative Directors across the world very soon, a limited edition book for photographer Andy Green. All silver and shiny and nice.

more here

Nice to see us in the Evening Standard with an article about WPP making over a billion in profit.


Our new Range Rover Sport commercial, inspired by the Hadron Collider, directed by Johnny Green, production by Hungryman, post by Glassworks and The Mill, blood, sweat & tears by us.

Be sure to select 720p down the bottom there when you play it.

The very nice people at Marketing Magazine asked us to design their cover in February, for an article about consumers having had enough of crap social media ideas. Here’s our quote from Marketing Magazine website, click the image to enlarge.

"Our cover idea started with a search for a catchy headline", says Adrian Lim, creative partner at RKCR/Y&R.

"'How much more can they stomach?' and 'Has the public lost its appetite?' were my first attempts, then Steve came up with 'Content? Doesn't it occlude the gastro-intestinal tract somewhat?', which I thought had a nice ring to it, but was a little verbose.

"We eventually settled on something a little pithier, which works well with the picture of a Victorian gent with his guts hanging out."

We’ve launched indie label ‘Two Black Cats Records’ and signed L.A. based band Le Rev.

Their single (Lucky You) is out now on iTunes.

You can hear it below as the soundtrack to our promo/ad for ghd directed by the wonderful Floria Sigismondi.

Campaign magazine picked it as one of the top 10 virals of 2010.

Cover design for the new iPad movie magazine ‘BACKSTORY’ Prometheus, rather than having his liver ripped out for all eternity by an eagle sent from the Gods, has it ripped out by an Alien instead. Nice. The magazine is excellent, just search in iTunes or click this link:


We picked up The prestigious Arden Award for Our Pop Up Shop!

After a year in the making, our re-brand of Virgin Atlantic has finally rolled out across the globe. Press, poster, digital, websites, brochures, luggage tags. You name it, we’ve done something for it.

It’s the biggest and most successful re-brand Virgin have ever done bringing together their previously disparate strands of marketing into one Virgin Atlantic ‘world’ and you’ll see it everywhere from India to the USA.

Shot by Tim Bret-Day and painstakingly retouched by Lee Stuart and later Act2 each of the 20 images had more that 200 layers and came in at over 100GB (so they could be scaled up to building sized posters). Knowing when to hit the save button was not for the faint hearted.

You can see more of the campaign here.

It’s been another huge brand launch for us and something completely different for Lloyds Bank. Gone are the little animated people and the operatic music, in their place is something that we hope will run for just as long and become just as popular.

We’ve looked at thousands and thousands of images and tried a thousand more against each line of dialogue in these mammoth edits. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find just the right picture for just the right word.

Beautifully directed by Sam Brown of Rogue Films and tirelessly edited By James Rosen at Final Cut.

The second one has just aired (see below) and the next two are in production now.

The latest in our campaign for Lloyds Bank, directed again by Sam Brown of Rogue Films and featuring Groucho Marx.

The campaign for Lloyds Bank contiues, directed again by Sam Brown of Rogue Films :)

How do you instantly get 844,920 likes on Instagram?

Have One Direction’s Harry Styles post a photo of your ad.


The lovely people at Lurzer’s Archive asked Steve for an interview, you can read it here. Incidentally, Steve is no.2 in the UK rankings, and Adrian is no.4 over the last 10 years

CONCEPTS DEMOS & WIPS: We were asked recently how our ads - like the Lloyds Bank campaign start out, so we thought it might be interesting to post a little archive of concepts, demos and ‘work-in-progress’ films. So if you want to see where it began, often before directors and photographers get involved and how the final work changes (or not) have a look here.

It’s been a busy year pitching for new business, creative directing and making new work.

But we ended it with the biggest ad of the year for RKCR/Y&R: The M&S Christmas film.

Entitled “The Art of Christmas”, it was a massive production that was six months in the making.

Our aim was to avoid the emotional and go for a full-on spectacle, doing what big retailers really want at Christmas - to showcase lots of product. Directed by Christian Larson at RSA, it features those bits of Christmas we all love. From decorating the tree and partying to eating too much and falling asleep in front of Morecambe & Wise on Christmas Day.

The 90’ film breaks down into individual ads to work alongside the digital out of home and online campaign, teasers and behind the scenes film.

Imam Zia Sheikh from Texas was one of the first to upload the ad to his Facebook page and within a couple of days it was shared over 10 million times from his post. Meanwhile in NY comedian Sameer Lakhani has had 20.5 million views of his post alone.

From HSBC and Lloyds Bank at Lowe Howrad-Spink to Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank again at RKCR Y&R, TSB is now the fourth bank we’ve worked with. A beautiful animated world created with Studio AKA and deceptively simple ideas about people helping people have build this new bank into the most trusted on the high street in only four years.

Here’s a link to Henry’s interactive advert, made with the help of BigDB: www.jointlondon.com/henrythedog  Firefox or Chrome works best.

A Halloween poster for UKTV’s Haunted Hotel Live. Shot by Andy Green and retouched by Lorna Barren.

Click the here to take a loo at the digital 6 sheet poster.

A collection of news clips: