Marks & Spencer


The Art Of Christmas

Directed by Christian Larson from RSA and filmed over 8 days at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios, this was one of the best shoots we’d produced for sheer scale and energy.

Making a Christmas ad for a retailer the size of M&S is something bigger and more complex than you could ever imagine.

Working with clients from every department from windows to underwear keeps you on your toes and when you finally get the campaign finished and approved there’s only the whole ‘let’s change the music’ thing to deal with. And we won’t even go into the scrutiny Christmas ads now get in the media where you’re simultaneously loved and loathed by millions on social media :)  Brilliant!

Spring Summer Collection

Directed by Ujin Lin from Bold this was a fast, fun summertime ad. M&S wanted something light hearted, featuring a gang of girls and just a dash of story. We constructed huge sets and filmed in Prague in the winter and made a fun throwaway little film set to Pharrell Williams’ Come Get It Bae.