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The pop up shop idea was launched in June by Camden Town Unlimited, offering a way for local landlords to make use of empty retail space and attract new tenants.

We were given the opportunity to take over an empty shop and had to decide what to do with it...

For the week of August 24 2009, we set up a ‘pop up’ agency, RKCR/Y&R Local, up the road and offered the agency’s creative and strategic services to local small businesses and sellers in the Camden area. Something we hoped would help in the current  economic downturn.

Everyday a different creative team from the agency staffed the shop and created ideas for local businesses when they came in with requests.

We were stunned by its popularity. In that week we worked with around 30 local entrepreneurs. Among them: the LCB Surfstore, Pierogi dumplings, a local purveyor of frozen banana treats, the Camden Locks hair salon and tattoo parlor, and a used camera shop amongst others. Creating anything from press ads and posters to logo designs and packaging. It all culminated in an exhibition of the creative work done that week, and has collected many awards since then, including the prestigious Gold Paul Arden Award at The Campaign BIG Awards.

Credit also must go to Matt Steward, Tim McNaughton and Freddy Mandy and Damon Collins.

Here’s some of the work we did, and some photos of the shop.

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