From HSBC and Lloyds Bank at Lowe Howrad-Spink to Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank again at RKCR Y&R, TSB is now the fourth bank we’ve worked with. A beautiful animated world created with Studio AKA and deceptively simple ideas about people helping people have build this new bank into the most trusted on the high street in only four years.

We’ve been creating work in every conceivable medium this year for TSB. TV of course but also press posters, online, loopables and social media campaigns and interactive banner ads and billboards. We created a whole host of charachers for ITV’s Pride of Britain, which was sponsored by TSB and 2017 will see the redesign of all their ATMs and credit and debit cards as well.

It really nice to have this much involvement in a brand, working with everyone through the whole business. A rarity in today unfortunately.

Here’s a link to Henry’s interactive advert, made with the help of BigDB: www.jointlondon.com/henrythedog