Virgin Atlantic


Everything we do at the moment seems to take months and months. But the results are turning out to be worth the wait.

With photography & collage by Tim Bret-Day, David Brey & Lee Stuart, this huge poster for the Olympic year looks spectacular.

The more you look, the more you find.

And rolling straight on from the Union Flag, our 2013 re-brand of Virgin Atlantic has finally gone out across the globe.

Press, poster, digital, websites, brochures, luggage tags. You name it, we’ve done something for it.

It’s the biggest and most successful re-brand Virgin have ever done bringing together their previously disparate strands of marketing into one Virgin Atlantic ‘world’ and you’ll see it everywhere from India to the USA.

Shot again by Tim Bret-Day and painstakingly retouched by Lee Stuart and later Act2 each of the 20 images had more that 200 layers and came in at over 100GB (so they could be scaled up to building sized posters). Knowing when to hit the save button was not for the faint hearted.