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Katy Perry

Sleeping Beauty:

The fairytale campaign continues, this time with Sleeping Beauty, the narcoleptic princess who finds herself waking up in the 50s, 60s and er...80s.

It might seem a bit random, but they happen to be ‘Iconic eras of style’ that ghd are celebrating with a limited edition styler and bag set. Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to get the legendary photographer David LaChapelle and superpopstar Katy Perry together for a shoot and hope they behave themselves. Or not, either way it was going to be a fantastic week out in L.A.

Neither of them disappointed and the results can be seen below. We’ve already written the next set of ads and the shoot with DLC is set up. But you’l have to wait until the autumn to find out who she plays next.

Snow White:

Our second ghd shoot with Katy Perry was inspired by the 1920s and a limited edition scarlet styler for Christmas 2011.

We started the shoot with David LaChapelle in New York and finished it in Los Angeles, ending up with an amazing trio of shots (the third of which is on our latest work page.)

The press yet again gave the photos great exposure and David LaChapelle was voted Photographer of the year in Campaign Magazine.